Kids’ Rides and Skills Gain a sense of freedom and adventure

Kids’ Rides and Skills

Be Active. Challenge Yourself. Take Risks. Have Fun.

It’s our passion to show kids that being active is fun. Having fun on the mountain bike includes riding new trails, learning new skills, meeting new friends, challenging yourself and taking risks.

Liz takes our kids’ rides. She is a qualified teacher, mountain bike instructor and coach. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment of being outdoors, and riding in a supported environment.

Suitable for all ages, kids’ mountain bike rides are ideal for birthday parties, school holiday activities, or just riding with a few friends.

Our kids’ rides and skills courses are suitable for beginner to experienced riders. Each course is based on everyone participating in a game sense approach.

As well as day tours specifically for kids, we offer tours and trips for families. Why not bring the whole family on a tour of the You Yangs, Forrest or Anglesea?

Kids' Skills

Kids' mountain bike riding

Kids' Rides

  • Bike Introduction
  • Body Position
  • Singletrack riding
  • Tackling Obstacles
  • Challenges
  • Games and Activities
  • Lots of Fun

Kids' Rides and Skills are Fun

There are challenges, there are games and there are activities which will assist in gaining confidence on the bike and becoming a more skilled rider and devouring single track.

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Kids' Mountain Bike Rides and SkillsChallenge yourself, get active and have fun.

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