Ride Club Train with others for a specific event or race

Join Ride Club to train for a specific event or race

Have you tried training for a ride or race by yourself? It’s not always easy to get out in the cold mornings or do a hard training session after a hard day at work.

You don’t have to do it alone.

The idea of Ride Club is to train with a group for a specific event. Especially tailored for people who work well when they are supported and encouraged by others in a group. It’s like being in a footy or hockey team and training with the team to win the grand final.

Be part of a team.

You get to train with a group of people who are training for the same event or race. Some maybe aiming to win, some trying to beat a certain time or some just to want finish. Everyone has their own goal and working towards it as part of a group.

Get support from your trainer who has experience in the event and will share the knowledge with you.

Ride Club Training Group

A different kind of ride training

When you sign up to Ride Club, you’ll get:

  • a weekly training ride,
  • support from your trainer and others in the group,
  • race tactics from a trainer who has completed the race,
  • regular rides on the race course,
  • skills and technique advice,
  • race day support.

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