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What we do

Mountain Bike Tours. Skills. Coaching.

Cycle Tecnic specialises in delivering mountain bike skills to adults and children, single and multi-day tours for individuals, families and groups, and coaching and training plans to improve your riding.

Based in Torquay, Victoria, we are surrounded by amazing mountain bike trails which we’d love to share with you. Or if you’d like to travel further, we can take you to ride with our friends in other states or around the world.

We conduct group or individual skills courses at Anglesea, You Yangs and Forrest mountain bike parks.

If you want to explore some of the best trails in Australia, New Zealand and Bali we can take you there. Our small-group tours are designed so you get the most riding on the best trails. You can even include a skills course in your tour or we can customise the tour to suit your group.

MOUNTAIN BIKE TOURS - SKILLS - COACHINGtours, skills courses and coaching programs customised for you

Who we are

Mountain bike tours with Cycle Tecnic
Liz Mulconry
Ride Director/InstructorLiz is the founder of Cycle Tecnic. Her passions are teaching, travelling and riding her bikes so starting a business delivering mountain bike skills instruction and coaching to adults and children and taking mountain bike tours is the perfect use for her talents.